A morning groove

Lately my days begin with work on the brain and end on the same note. I know it’s expected to have to hustle extra hard in the beginning of any new endeavor, but with all that we have going on, sometimes I get the urge to get in my car and drive until I feel like stopping. (Okay, running for the hills is a bit dramatic, but some time off sounds reasonable!) But here’s what also sounds reasonable: Setting up some firmer boundaries and routines for myself to create some consistency and, dare I say, balance in my life. I also think that my inability to shut my work-brain off is what’s making work more difficult.

So this weekend I started paying more attention to my thoughts and actions, and what I found was that I wake up in go-go-go mode — basically from the minute my feet hit the floor, I’m in work mode. I even caught myself opening up work tasks within the first 30 minutes of being awake! On the weekend. Yikes. It’s not even productive work either. It’s stress work.

Jamie and I have been talking a lot about finding a good groove for our lives and I think Monday is as good a day as any to set some goals and implement new habits. My goal: Take back my mornings! Here are some ways I’d like to do that:

  • Read blogs that spark inspiration over my morning cup of tea.
  • Sit down to breakfast with Jamie.
  • Writing, blogging, and seeking out things that inspire me.
  • Find purpose in getting ready for the day. I notice a difference in my productivity and mood when I put some effort into my daily look. On a side note, I have been thoughtfully building my wardrobe for the past couple of months. It’s slowly but surely taking shape.

This blog is a place to catch the details of my day, and this topic is heavy on my mind today. My intent in sharing it here is to 1) create some accountability, and 2) maybe get some feedback from you, dear reader.

I want to know: What are some ways you start your day?

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