We have a home

Check it out: As of yesterday, August 21, 2015, Jamie and I are officially homeowners. The photo isn’t the best quality, but you get the idea! Apparently Jamie has loved this neighborhood since he was young, and after visiting it a few time to hang with our friends, we loved the feel of it more and more. We looked around at a few places, and after looking at this house we knew we’d be lucky to get it. Thus began the process of closing on a home! I’m still overwhelmed with the amount of support we’ve received from our family as we take on another “big one”. The next couple of months are going to be a whirlwind, but in a great way.

I was listening to a friend’s podcast a couple of days ago geared toward business owners, all about Being Boss. Anytime I find myself overwhelmed or paralyzed by the enormity of all the things going on in our lives, this is a resource I turn to. (Make a note if you’re a boss and need some support!) In this particular episode, Kathleen and Emily were talking about making the daily grind a little more dreamy. They were talking about how to get in the right mindset when doing work is the last thing you want to do. Emily (I think it was Emily?) said that when she’s feeling overwhelmed or in an un-dreamy place, she reminds herself that she chose the work/life she’s in. She’s created it. And wow was this a powerful mind shift for me.

How does this relate to a new house? I’ve been catching myself get complain-y over the past couple of weeks about how worn out and exhausted I am, and how much work is on my plate. Adding a move to the mix is dreamy…but it’s more work! But then I hear this reminder that I’ve chosen all of this — business, a wedding, a move, home ownership — and it no longer feels as overwhelming. It kind of feels creative and energizing!

The house is move-in ready. The only thing we want to do is get some paint on a few of the walls to lighten the place up. Also, yesterday we found out that we have a family of cats living in our shed so we have that to deal with. The mama cat looks pretty serious (read: scary) and I’m a little hesitant to let my dogs roam around for fear that she’ll attack them. I have zero experience in dealing with cats so I’m a little worried about it. If anyone has any ideas on how to go about doing this safely (for both parties), we’d love to hear them. Oh! And wasps! We have a family of those as well.

But that comes with the territory of owning a beautiful, new-to-us, cool house. I saved the best part for last! We learned yesterday that our home was once home to the BC Clark family. I don’t know the full history, but for those of you reading that don’t live in Oklahoma, BC Clark Jewelers is a well-known, family-owned jewelry shop that has been around since the early 1900s. One of the real-estate agents told us there’s a legend that the home has hidden diamonds throughout it. What an amazing history! I love it even more because that jewelry store has history with my family, too. Every Christmas spent with my dad’s family for as long as I can remember, my mom and aunt would mark the start of the holiday season by serenading us with BC Clark Jewelers holiday jingle. We all loved it — my dad especially. I think he would be so, so tickled to know this fun history about our house.

Well, I’m off get some things done. On that list includes:

  • Figure out what to do about Cat Family.
  • Get rid of wasps.
  • Make a sidewalk sign for our Food Bar.
  • Get Jamie some clothes for our wedding events.
  • Get tire fixed.
  • Pick up paint swatches.

What are you up to this weekend?

Running for the mountains

This morning started bright and early at 5:30am. A couple of weeks ago we were asked to set up a table at a local business that’s caddy corner to our building to introduce ourselves to the company. My brother was up and at ’em making batch after batch of chemexes for the coffee we’d be sampling, and Jamie was making muffins until midnight. I was busy preparing for my remaining clients for the week. For the last month or so, I’ve been working on my client process and I’m both inspired and worn out. As soon as I was done handing out coffee and chatting with our biz neighbors, I hit a major wall that no amount of tea or chocolate could fix.

While I’m definitely feeling inspired by the work I’m doing, I’m also feeling the need to hit the road and get away with Jamie and my pups. We need fresh air, sunlight and new surroundings. My dogs especially. They’ve handled this whole urban living thing like total champs. I can’t wait to spoil them with belly rubs in the grass of our new backyard. In the meantime, I need some adventure.

Taken during our last visit to Quartz Mountain
Taken during our last visit to Quartz Mountain

I told Jamie last night that we’re going to run away to Quartz Mountain for a weekend. I visited the area last October for a writing workshop and it was one of the most powerful weekends I’ve had in, well, maybe forever. And then this morning, after my quick decline, he sent me this link and I decided that we’re going to visit each of the destinations in that post over the next several months. One adventure a month sounds amazing and very, very necessary.

I can’t wait.

A morning groove

Lately my days begin with work on the brain and end on the same note. I know it’s expected to have to hustle extra hard in the beginning of any new endeavor, but with all that we have going on, sometimes I get the urge to get in my car and drive until I feel like stopping. (Okay, running for the hills is a bit dramatic, but some time off sounds reasonable!) But here’s what also sounds reasonable: Setting up some firmer boundaries and routines for myself to create some consistency and, dare I say, balance in my life. I also think that my inability to shut my work-brain off is what’s making work more difficult.

So this weekend I started paying more attention to my thoughts and actions, and what I found was that I wake up in go-go-go mode — basically from the minute my feet hit the floor, I’m in work mode. I even caught myself opening up work tasks within the first 30 minutes of being awake! On the weekend. Yikes. It’s not even productive work either. It’s stress work.

Jamie and I have been talking a lot about finding a good groove for our lives and I think Monday is as good a day as any to set some goals and implement new habits. My goal: Take back my mornings! Here are some ways I’d like to do that:

  • Read blogs that spark inspiration over my morning cup of tea.
  • Sit down to breakfast with Jamie.
  • Writing, blogging, and seeking out things that inspire me.
  • Find purpose in getting ready for the day. I notice a difference in my productivity and mood when I put some effort into my daily look. On a side note, I have been thoughtfully building my wardrobe for the past couple of months. It’s slowly but surely taking shape.

This blog is a place to catch the details of my day, and this topic is heavy on my mind today. My intent in sharing it here is to 1) create some accountability, and 2) maybe get some feedback from you, dear reader.

I want to know: What are some ways you start your day?

We’re gathering

With wedding festivities around the corner and a new-to-us home to curate, Jamie and I are spending all of our free time having a lot of fun online shopping! I guess it’s technically window shopping (or screen shopping?) since we’re not purchasing yet. We’re gathering.

When we moved into the loft I had ideas and plans for decorating the place, but I never felt inspired enough. It’s a tricky space — our bedroom and living area have no windows! — and we didn’t have a lot of time (or money) to put into it. Our current living situation has been wearing on us, but we are pulling through with the help of Pinterest and daydreams about the look and feel of our future home.

I love bright, natural light. (Why did I think living in a loft with minimal sunlight exposure would be a good idea?!) We won’t be making any major changes to the house right away, but we will be painting before we move in. The downstairs is currently painted a dark green color, so we’ll be putting a fresh coat of something light on the walls. Once we actually close we’ll go in and paint a few swatches on the wall before making the final decision, but we’ll be going with white…not sure if we’ll do a cool or warm white, but I’m leaning more toward warm. I like the idea of keeping things neutral but interesting through texture, shapes, and plants. Here is some of our inspiration so far:

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest via Style Me Pretty
Image via Pinterest via Style Me Pretty
Image via Pinterest via Poppy Talk
Image via Pinterest via Poppy Talk

With all the excitement in the air, sleep has been an after thought, which isn’t without perks. Each morning I’ve been perusing Craigslist in hopes of finding a few good pieces. We’ve found and purchased four things so far and they’ve been fantastic deals! I’ll share those pieces soon.

I’m off to lounge and gather more inspiration. Have a great Sunday!

The beginning

Hello out there…
Welcome to the beginning.

I’m Lindsey and the guy you see in the side bar there is my fiancĂ© Jamie. We’re getting married in a only a couple short months. No! Less than a couple of months. We also own a company in Oklahoma City called Nourished Food Co. which we founded in 2012. On December 1, 2014, we opened a grab-and-go clean eats food bar in the business district of downtown OKC. We decided to live in a loft above the food bar with our two dogs Marley and Harley. Now we’ve learned that we need some work/life separation, and that we don’t leave the building enough. So we recently put an offer in on a new home! We’re in the homestretch of that process and are 99% certain we’ll be closing within the week!

Life has been moving at full speed over the past year. That’s why I’m here. In the constant hustle that is our current reality, I find myself forgetting the details…or flat out ignoring them all together. I’ve always loved the act of documenting the little things. The things that nobody else sees. I’ve always been curious about those kind of details, too. I started filling dairies and journals when I was in second or third grade and haven’t stopped. I love the idea that one day my family will be able to get a glimpse into my life by thumbing through all those pages. And now this blog, too.

In business I’m learning the importance of a solid, direction-defining mission statement, which has got me thinking about my own personal mission. I think it’s important to think about those things: What kind of impact you want to make in the world and what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. I hope this blog will help me shape who I am and who I want to be.

Oh, yeah. This is me and Jamie. I’ll tell you more of our story as we go along.

Until next time…

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