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So most of you reading this blog know that my job is to talk about food, especially as it relates to health. I’m studying functional nutrition through a couple of different programs, and have supplemented with a few science courses for a sturdy foundation of the science behind our bodies and food. I took a break on the science classes this year because of opening the food bar, but I will be jumping back into them as soon as things calm down. In the meantime, I’m taking two distance-learning programs geared toward understanding the connection between food and our body’s anatomy and physiology.

Since 2011, I’ve acquired the belief (and proof) that food is the number one tool to utilize in living the life you want. After experiencing a few health hang-ups and not receiving adequate answers or care from my (then) health-care team, I took matters into my own hands and dove into learning how to eat in a way that made me feel good. Prior to 2011, I felt awful for a good chunk of time. According to my doctors, all my problems could be fixed with pills: Allergy medications, ADD medications, and then anti-anxiety/anti-depressant meds. When I finally started exploring health, I started questioning this kind of “care.” And when I finally hit rock bottom, I refused to accept medications as the solutions to my problems. (I only take a few choice supplements now.)

Fast forward to today and I’ve come a long way in managing my health issues. And it’s been through food and lifestyle changes alone. I’ve had some great guidance from my integrative physician, but by and large the number one factor that dictates whether or not my symptoms show up is food. Some days I feel sorry for myself for the “hassle” I have to go through to feel like a functioning human being. Then again, when I apply the I chose this mindset to it all — meaning I choose to feel good rather than like crap — I feel inspired and energized by it. My diet is a little repetitive right now. But at the end of the day, the avoidance of the physical pain my body and mind feels when I’m eating certain foods greatly outweighs the temporary discomfort I might feel in craving and having to avoid those foods.

When I get settled after our move and month of wedding festivities, I’m going to start experimenting with food more and sharing it here.

Have a great day!

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