The beginning

Hello out there…
Welcome to the beginning.

I’m Lindsey and the guy you see in the side bar there is my fiancĂ© Jamie. We’re getting married in a only a couple short months. No! Less than a couple of months. We also own a company in Oklahoma City called Nourished Food Co. which we founded in 2012. On December 1, 2014, we opened a grab-and-go clean eats food bar in the business district of downtown OKC. We decided to live in a loft above the food bar with our two dogs Marley and Harley. Now we’ve learned that we need some work/life separation, and that we don’t leave the building enough. So we recently put an offer in on a new home! We’re in the homestretch of that process and are 99% certain we’ll be closing within the week!

Life has been moving at full speed over the past year. That’s why I’m here. In the constant hustle that is our current reality, I find myself forgetting the details…or flat out ignoring them all together. I’ve always loved the act of documenting the little things. The things that nobody else sees. I’ve always been curious about those kind of details, too. I started filling dairies and journals when I was in second or third grade and haven’t stopped. I love the idea that one day my family will be able to get a glimpse into my life by thumbing through all those pages. And now this blog, too.

In business I’m learning the importance of a solid, direction-defining mission statement, which has got me thinking about my own personal mission. I think it’s important to think about those things: What kind of impact you want to make in the world and what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. I hope this blog will help me shape who I am and who I want to be.

Oh, yeah. This is me and Jamie. I’ll tell you more of our story as we go along.

Until next time…

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