In the morning light

Welp. It’s Tuesday night and it feels like an entire week has already gone by. These past two days have not been my finest, and, as I divulged in my last post, neither of the past couple of months. Some days are easier than others to find the bright side, and others…well…I struggle to find my big-girl pants. The past couple of weeks have been filled some new and challenging stuff: Quickbooks, tax talk, difficult decisions and the resulting conversations, some health flare ups, blah, blah, blahhhh. I’d be lying to you if I told you that I’ve managed to keep my cool through all of it. I haven’t. There’s been a lot of tears, break downs (sorry Mom and Mimi!), and maybe even (cringe) a few foot stomps here and there. But, hey, I’m human, female, and can’t tolerate many bread products, so there’s that.

But this, patient reader, is not a post that is going to focus on my struggles with adulthood, no! (Although, thank you for lending me your cyber ear for a moment.) This is about a few tunes that have put a slight pep in my step and helped to, at the very least, give my face a break from a focused frown.

I’ve been working to start my day in a way that doesn’t leave me frazzled by 7am (we wake up around 4:50am). It’s not hard for me to do — to get frazzled that is — and it’s not hard to notice when I get there. (My big hair seems to get bigger the more frazzled I become.)

Thankfully, these songs soothe my shot nerves and help me persevere through the day’s work load. I hope some of them do the same for you!

Alex Schulz – In The Morning Light

Gundelach – Spiders

Elderbrook – Could

Any songs you want to share?

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