Running for the mountains

This morning started bright and early at 5:30am. A couple of weeks ago we were asked to set up a table at a local business that’s caddy corner to our building to introduce ourselves to the company. My brother was up and at ’em making batch after batch of chemexes for the coffee we’d be sampling, and Jamie was making muffins until midnight. I was busy preparing for my remaining clients for the week. For the last month or so, I’ve been working on my client process and I’m both inspired and worn out. As soon as I was done handing out coffee and chatting with our biz neighbors, I hit a major wall that no amount of tea or chocolate could fix.

While I’m definitely feeling inspired by the work I’m doing, I’m also feeling the need to hit the road and get away with Jamie and my pups. We need fresh air, sunlight and new surroundings. My dogs especially. They’ve handled this whole urban living thing like total champs. I can’t wait to spoil them with belly rubs in the grass of our new backyard. In the meantime, I need some adventure.

Taken during our last visit to Quartz Mountain
Taken during our last visit to Quartz Mountain

I told Jamie last night that we’re going to run away to Quartz Mountain for a weekend. I visited the area last October for a writing workshop and it was one of the most powerful weekends I’ve had in, well, maybe forever. And then this morning, after my quick decline, he sent me this link and I decided that we’re going to visit each of the destinations in that post over the next several months. One adventure a month sounds amazing and very, very necessary.

I can’t wait.

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